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Impact study in 6 pilot villages

Impact, pilot

The six pilot villages in Sunsari work independent from Karuna since 2016. An external research team from Kathmandu executed an extensive impact study these villages.


With good leadership, people take responsibility themselves and mobilise local available funds with and for children with a disability.

2016 in a nutshell

Karuna Foundation exists for ten years, in which we have learned a lot. '2016 in a nutshell' presents you personal stories and readings about our approach and ambitions.

Shrawan:2nd chance for a happy boy

Personal Story

Shrawan is a happy boy again, as is his family! Thanks to the support from his parents and community he can stand and walk better with an assistive device. He plays with friends and in the near future he will be going to school.


learning, cooperation, scaling up

The community models are successful and cost effective. A lot has been done and learned but there is still much to do

It’s a healthy baby!

Prevention, assisted deliveries, birth defects

Many women still give birth in their homes without supervision from a health worker. The Inspire2Care program focuses on increasing institutional delivery. Lalita's baby was the first to be born in the new birthing clinic in Aurabaani.