This year, Karuna Foundation exists for ten years. In this period, we have learned how to reach, in a practical manner, that less children in developing countries are born with a disability, and how we can improve the lives of children who have a disability.

Since our foundation, in most villages where we started to work in Nepal, significant progress was made. For thousands of children with a disability their lives are improved or a handicap has been prevented. For this, local committees were set up that made local governments and inhabitants repsonsible to care for prevention projects and rehabilitation of children with a disability. In the pilot villages, these activities are continued without concessions with their own strenght and resources. And that makes us proud!

In ‘2016 in a nutshell‘, you will find personal stories and you can read about our approach and ambitions for the future.

In addition, our annual report (in Dutch) can be found in the ‘Publications’ section.