In the light of being selected as one of five best practices, Karuna was honoured to be invited to the 3rd Asia Pacific CBR congress in Tokyo last week. More than 600 participants from all over Asia, and some representatives from Europe and Africa attended the conference.  The country director, Deepak Sapkota, the program director Yogendra Giri and the international director Betteke de Gaay Fortman attended the conference and besides presenting the Inspire2Care best practice, they had meetings with many inspiring people in the field of CBR.

Best practice

The Asian Pacific Centre for Development and Disability assessed various Community Based Inclusive Development in 37 Asian countries. The Karuna CBR approach was chosen as one of the five “best practices” among all these countries. During the conference a publication with all the CBR Good Practices in Asia and the Pacific, including Karuna’s Practice: ‘Working Towards a Successful and Sustainable Community Health Intervention’ was distributed to all the participants and a presentation was given by Deepak Raj Sapkota.   Click here for the presentation.

After 8 years of working on sustainable disability inclusive community development, sharing its practice during this conference was an honour for Karuna. The international recognition of the cost effective entrepreneurial approach in the benefit of and with persons with a disability, their families and their communities means a lot. Many organisations, representatives and experts were enthusiastic about the impact and lessons learned from the two models, Inspire2Care and Share&Care, implemented in 15 villages in Nepal. Watch a short movie on the Karuna CBR approach here.

Currently the Inspire2Care model is in the scale-up phase in one complete district in Nepal.

During the conference, some renowned organisations showed their interest towards Karuna Foundation to initiate a pilot with Inspire2Care or Share&Care in other contexts outside Nepal.  The coming months further relationships, collaborations and plans will be developed. You are very welcome to join us in our efforts to create a Disability Inclusive Movement in Nepal and beyond!