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Our Community Models

In order to reach its goals, Karuna developed two innovative models: Inspire2Care and Share&Care. Both models originated from our vision and mission and are anchored in our strategy.


Inspire2Care is a community programme that emphasises the power of people in line with the needs, possibilities and capacities of poor rural communities. The model is aimed at Karuna’s mission – prevention of disabilities, malnutrition and diseases among children and a better life for children with disabilities. Read more about Inspire2Care.


People stay healthy if they are capable of organising themselves, if they are aware of health risks and if they are able to specify their priorities. The most important component of Share&Care is the setting up of a community based health insurance system. Villagers can become members of this cooperative insurance with a financial contribution per household, which is used to improve the basic healthcare in the village. Read more about Share&Care.

See the video below in which Deepak Sapkota, director of Karuna Nepal, explains the Karuna approach.