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Where we work

Pilot in Sunsari & Rasuwa districts, Nepal 

Pilot phase in which the Inspire2Care and Share&Care models were developed, implemented and researched between 2007 and 2016.

Upscaling to one district, Ilam, Nepal

Upscaling to two Nepalese provinces

In 2018, Karuna Nepal and Karuna the Netherlands are preparing to scale up Inspire2Care to two provinces in Nepal, together with the Government of Nepal, local communities and a consortium of committed investors. Read more about our ambition.

Other countries

Inspire2Care is a proven and cost-effective model that is adapted to the local context and (financial) capacity of the community in such a way, that it is easily replicable in other countries. Karuna can inspire, train and support organisations that are aiming for great impact and interested to work with Inspire2Care in other contexts.