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The Inspire2Care approach is demonstrably successful and is proven to be cost-effective. Different organisations have already been inspired by our approach and some are using (parts of) the models in their own programmes. We aim to reach more and more children with disabilities, by working together and sharing knowledge.

For sharing passion, one needs likeminded people, who have the same vision and goals. But for effectivity, one needs to be open to all, including those with other visions, missions and goals. Karuna is open to all people, organisations, foundations and companies interested in achieving more together. We cordially invite you to contact us if you are interested.

Towards 2025 Since January 2016, Karuna Nepal is an independent local organisation. In the same year, the successful ‘exit’ of Karuna Nepal took place in 6 villages in the Sunsari district. The model is ready for further upscaling.

The joint ambition of Karuna Nepal and Karuna Netherlands is to upscale Inspire2Care in all districts in Nepal, together with the many communities and the government. Find more information via

In addition, Karuna Netherlands is looking for possibilities to replicate Inspire2Care and Share&Care in other countries. There are plans to start a pilot of Inspire2Care in Nicaragua together with Plan Nicaragua, adapted to the local context. Furthermore, Karuna Netherlands is working on a feasibility study for Inspire2Care in Bhutan.

Whilst Share&Care is successful in Nepal, in 2015 we decided not to further develop or upscale the programme. It was not the right time due to the political situation of the country. In the pilot villages however, the programme was continued successfully without further support of Karuna Nepal. Share&Care does have the potential for upscaling in other countries than Nepal.