news: may 2021

COVID-19 in Nepal

A call from the director of KFN; Deepak Raj Sapkota

COVID 19 hits hard in Nepal. The number of Infected people is increasing rapidly every day, and the need to have oxygen and ICU beds is rising too! The death toll is increasing dramatically

The majority of people are not going for the COVID 19  test as it is not accessible nor affordable. If they are identified as COVID Positive, then the discrimination towards them is pretty heavy, and they feel weaker emotionally and psychologically once they know it.  Furthermore, there are no health facilities and services that they can rely on.  This kind of behaviour makes the situation more complex as they can easily transmit the virus to their family members and neighbours. And once they become severely ill, they can’t find interventions on time.  Thus, the situation here in Nepal is chaotic and problematic. Many patients are not getting ventilators and ICU beds, and they are dying.

In such a situation, Karuna is getting hundred of calls from all over the country for help.  After having a series of meetings with the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal and the COVID 19 Crisis Management Center, we think it is great to support them by providing Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinders, PPE sets, and some other basic materials.

It is not easy to find them in the market. Karuna through its contacts and networks is trying to get these materials and equipment from China in a cargo flight. Nepal Army has agreed to transport it to different parts of the country once it reaches Nepal.

Karuna would like to request its friends to support Nepal in such a challenging time.