What makes this program innovative?

Many people ask us what is new and innovative about the program and our approach. In summary, these are the following aspects:

    1. The program is rooted in the local community. The government has taken over the program and is responsible for its implementation and financing.¬†Karuna Foundation supports them in this for 3 years. After Karuna’s exit, the local government continues the program with its own funds.
    2. A unique “cost-sharing” agreement for planning and financing of programs in Nepal between the Provincial Government, all municipalities involved, and NGO
    3. A system for screening and issuing identity cards to people with disabilities that allows them to access government services and support.
    4. The introduction of a local rehabilitation worker into the health care system, community-based, with a wide range of tasks size, always focused on the interest of the person with a disability
    5. Development of an inclusive society, by providing education for children with disabilities and participation in youth clubs, the establishment of Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs), and the formation of cooperatives of people with disabilities, so that they generate a source of income and develop a social life.