Key figures

  • Decreased number of disabilities: the number of new birth defects and early developed disabilities has decreased by 62%. In the five years during the programme, 18 new cases occurred of children with birth defects or early developed disabilities, compared to 48 in the five years before the programme.
  • Improved quality of life: 70% of the children with a disability experience moderate to significant improvement in the quality of their lives. They participate in society and have access to education and (specialised) healthcare. 72% experience improved self-esteem and confidence. And 65% of the families with a child with disability experiences a moderate to significant improvement in their livelihood conditions.
  • More identity cards: 77% of the children with a disability are in the possession of an identity card, compared to only 11% in 2009. An ID-card gives them access to social protection and government allowances and increases their participation, recognition and acceptance.
  • More prenatal check-ups for the prevention of diseases and disabilities: after the imprementation of Inspire2Care, 83% of all the pregnant women went for all four required prenatal check-ups, compared to 50% before the programme.

Sustainability and mobilised resources

  • Autonomous and independent villages: in six pilot villages in the Sunsari district in Nepal, Inspire2Care and Share&Care are being continued unabatedly with their own resources. The 27 Inspire2Care villages in Ilam will follow their example and are expected to continue their activities too.
  • Increased government funding: community leaders and officials have increased the local government funding for people with a disability and for prevention measures eightfold, up to 4000 euro per year per village on average. This is enough to continue the activities for a long term.
  • Investments from Karuna and others: In the first ten years, Karuna Foundation the Netherlands has made investments of in total 2,5 million euros. This yielded another 3,5 million euros of investments from local governments and other organisations.


What do these numbers actually mean in practice? Watch the personal stories of children with a disability below.