Expected impact


of the children with a disability and their families experience a significant improvement of their health, education, income and social participation in community.

of the deliveries are guided in a professional manner in a clinic. Before it used to be 14%.

less disabilities developed before, during or till 5 years after birthpregnant women per year receive pre- and postnatal care.

Maternal mortality is reduced with 40% and child mortality 38%.


And moreover:
Death of just born babies will reduce from 21 to 14 per 1000 just born
50% of all people with a disability improves their social and economic participation
80% of the children with a disability goes to school
80% of all municipalities continue the program after Karuna exit (with provincial government)REIK


Target groupNumbers* Interventions
Children below the age of 10 years1.000,000
  • Newly born prevention of birth defects (Post Natal Care)
  • Children under 2: vaccinations and nutrition
  • Children age 3- 9 year: screening on stunted growth and avoidable
    disabilities (because of malnourishment, eye- and hearing problem)
Pregnant women128.000/yr
  • Prenatal care in birthing clinic
Lively born108.471/yr
  • Professional guidance during delivery in clinic
Mother in the golden 1000 days205.850
  • Information on hygiene and nutritious food ((iron and folic acid)
Persons with a disability98.000 of which 30.000 children
  • Rehabilitation (treatment, education, supply of assistive devices, income generating activities and selfhelp or youth groups
Family members of persons with a disability174.008
  • Rehabilitation (creating income generating activities, wareness, training, self-help groups)

Nepalese Government and the National Census 2018.