Expected impact of the program

By 2027, Karuna Nepal expects that:

  • In all 128 communities of Province 1, the CBR approach has been implemented enabling 55,000 people with disabilities to receive proper care and treatment, attend a school where possible, be active members of cooperatives and generate a source of income and live as full members of the We expect 70% of the children and 20% of the adults with a disability to experience an improvement in their quality of life (scores measured by WHO Quality of Life Tool)
  • 50% of the 100,000 pregnant women/year take folic acid and 80% of the newborn babies are delivered in a birthing center or clinic and screened for conditions, reducing the number of birth defects and early developed disabilities.
  • 80% of all 128 municipalities continue the program independently.

The impact of the DPRP program in Province 1 is being studied by the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam on behalf of the UBS Optimus Foundation (see below).