Expected impact of the program

In the figure below we describe our expected impact at output and outcome level. To measure this, we have started an independent impact study assigned to dr Pierre Pratley of the KIT Amsterdam.

70% of the 16.000 children with disabilities experienced an improvement in their quality of life (scores measured by WHO Quality of Life Tool).

20% of the 62.000 adults with disabilities experience this improvement in quality of life

80% of the expected 108.000 deliveries/year are professionally guided in a clinic (compared to 62% in 2016).

Maternal mortality is reduced by 40% and child mortality by 38%.

From 2016-2015, amongst 786.000 children below 10 years old:

  • Decrease in stunting from 33 to 20%.
  • Decrease in wasting from 12 to 5%.
  • Decrease in underweight from 24 to 16%.

108.000 pregnant women per year receive 4 prenatal and 2 postnatal check-ups. This is increased to 80%; The current percentage is 59%.

50% of expected pregnant mothers taking folic acid prior to conception.

We expect 80% of all municipalities to continue the program after Karuna exits.