The Replication Plan

The signing of an agreement between Karuna Foundation and the government of Province 1 is a milestone and crucial step in the realisation of our ambition to replicate the program throughout the country.

Changing the system of the government is not easily done. All relevant stakeholders in Province 1 (Ministries of Social Development, Finance, Law, Department of health and Disabled Persons Organisation ) developed guidelines for the implementation, indicating responsibilities, funding and reporting procedures, cost-sharing mechanisms etc. An agreement was signed to start the first year in 27 municipalities. Province and municipalities agree to fund 66% of the total implementation costs of €10 million. In preparation of a good start a workshop was organised in July with all stakeholders involved (including the minister himself) to share the content of the program, the guidelines and to create a sense of ownership among all. It became clear what was needed to fully integrate the program in the current system and what adjustments need to be made. At provincial level a steering committee is formed to properly manage the replication in the coming years. In autumn 2019 the first 100 Community Based Rehabilitation Facilitators from 27 municipalities will be recruited and trained in an officially accredited program for 3 months.

PhasesPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4
Number of municipalities 27334028
Preparation time (6 months)July -Dec 2019Dec 2019 – July 2020Dec 2020 – July 2021Dec 2021-July 2022
Start of implementationJuly 2019July 2020July 2021July 2022
End of Karuna supportJuly 2022July 2023July 2024July 2025