It was a beautiful and memorable moment, the official handing-over of Share&Care to the villagers of Bhokraha, a village in the southeast of Nepal. For three years, the village had continued the activities for children with disabilities without Karuna’s financial support. Karuna Nepal just gave them some technical support. Now, the official exit of Karuna is a fact.

During the large gathering, with many representatives of the community and special guests including members of parliament and district authorities, some children and adults told how their lives had been changed due to Share&Care. Shankar, who has cerebral palsy and is the chairman of the Youth Club, gave a touching speech in which he thanks the CBR-facilitator and Karuna for their trust in him and his community.

The village leaders said it was a difficult and at the same time a proud moment for them. Difficult, because they had to say goodbye to Karuna, and proud, because they have come so far and they feel capable of continuing the activities on their own. They were also proud that Karuna showed them that there are resources in the village: the municipality and community members raised €100.000 so far, in comparison to the €35.000 contributed by Karuna!

In Bhokraha, the number of institutional deliveries increased from 0 to 40 per month. And the number of children with a disability decreased from 110 to 54, due to full rehabilitation and zero new cases of new children born with disabilities (but also due to other factors like migration).