Positive independent evaluation Inspire2Care

According to an external evaluation commissioned by UBS Optimus Foundation and executed by the Indian research agency Kaarak Enterprise Private Limited, Inspire2Care is effective, efficient and strategic and creates significant impact. UBS Optimus Foundation has assigned this independent research agency to evaluate the villages being part of batch 2 of the Inspire2Care programme in the Ilam district in Nepal. UBS Optimus Foundation financially supports this part of the upscaling since the beginning of 2016.

The researchers focused on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the programme. According to the evaluation report, Inspire2Care is a “well organised, coherent and very relevant model”, which in a short time increased visibility of the issues of people with a disability, significantly improved mother and child care in order to prevent avoidable disabilities. It provides an almost complete rehabilitation package for all identified people with a disability. It includes all components of Community Based Rehabilitation (health, education, empowerment, social participation and income) in line with the WHO model. It also effectuated collaborations with all possible institutions within the communities, the Ilam district, and in the country that are related to the care for children with a disability and their families.

The study had two specific goals: first to understand how the programme performs in line with the programme indicators, and second to assess if the programme is qualified for further financial support of the replication in Nepal.

The evaluation took place in the Ilam district, where Inspire2Care is being scaled up in three phases to 48 villages. This research covers phase 2, in which since 2015 Inspire2Care is embraced by 15 new local communities that contribute 3000 euro on average per year per village to Inspire2Care.

The researchers find the model suitable for further upscaling in Nepal and in other developing countries.

Please find the final evaluation report here.