“To keep my baby safe from COVID- 19 exposure, I skipped my check-up and decided on Home Delivery, as I feared a hospital visit, but I was wrong.  I am thankful to our CBRF for guiding me about the possibility of safe delivery.” (Ganga Magrati).

As the entire world is in the grip of COVID-19 pandemic, health workers (Community Based Rehabilitation Facilitators (CBRFs))  in Nepal, are busy to reach pregnant women to adapt the new strategy of Tele Ante Natal Care (ANC) promoting safe delivery.  These CBRF’s form the backbone of the community based (health) care program implemented by the Government with support of the Karuna Foundation Nepal. CBRFs stem from the local communities, deployed by the local government and trained by Karuna Foundation Nepal for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in their own communities.  In addition, they fill the gaps in maternal and neonatal health services.

The Lancet Global Health 2020 published an article with the outcome of research in Nepal in the past 6 months showing an increase of stillbirth from 14 to 21 per 1000 birth and an increase of neonatal mortality from 13 to 40 per 1000 birth. The importance of the program especially in this Covid crisis, is evident