Video: Amir is artist and role model

Amir Bomjon is an 18-year-old boy from a remote mountainous village in Nepal. He is an artist by birth: paints beautifully, writes powerful songs and poems, all using his mouth. He is a great singer too and a good orator. His love towards life, people and mother earth is unchallengeable. Human beings can meet any challenges and overcome it and Amir could be one such young individual who has demonstrated this. The reason Amir paints with his mouth is because he was born without functioning arms and legs.

Karuna Foundation Nepal met him after the disastrous earthquake of April 2015 in his village, in a very poor condition, during the process of identifying children with disabilities and their families who were affected by the earthquake. Over three years have passed since the earthquake, and Amir has established himself as a the true icons in Nepal, setting new milestones, emerging as a role model.

One of the challenges Karuna Nepal is facing in many communities is the disbelief regarding the potential and capability of children and adults with disabilities, an issue that is strongly overlooked. Karuna hopes, by having role models like Amir, that it will be easier to progressively change the mindset and stereotype attached with people with disabilities. Karuna is also driven in the mission to identify more Amirs so that we can justify that the capacity and ability of children and adults with disabilities should not be underestimated. It is the environment and the attitude of people towards children and adults with disabilities that are the real barriers in enabling them to move forward in life and in the development process. We should never wait for disasters to come to make a reach to those people.

Underneath you find some of the art-works made by Amir, holding the brush in his mouth.

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