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The ambition of Karuna the Netherlands and Karuna Nepal for the coming ten years is to – together with others – improve the lives of many more children with a disability and to prevent many more disabilities amongst children. We will do this using a cost-effective approach that is sustainable and replicable: the Inpsire2Care model.


Currently the Inspire2Care model is being replicated to the Nepalese district Ilam (2015-2020), in collaboration with UBS Optimus FoundationMakoto Maki Foundation (websites in English) en Ineke Feitz Stichting, Stichting ’t Bosje en True Blue (websites in Dutch). The joint ambition of Karuna the Netherlands and Karuna Nepal is to replicate the model to two prinvinces in Nepal in the coming years (2018-2024), together with communities, the Nepalese governments and several like-minded organisations. Eventually, these provinces will serve as an example, so that the Nepalese government can organise the care for and inclusion of children with a disability in the rest of the country.

The model is so cost-effective and adapted to the local context, that it can easily be replicated in other countries or by other organisations, if desired. Karuna can inspire, train and coach.

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