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Our goal is to prevent birth defects or disabilities in the first three years of the lives of children and to sustainably improve the lives of children with a disability. With sustainable we mean that the activities continue unabatedly, even when Karuna is not there anymore.

1.  Prevention of birth defects and disabilities with children
Birth defects and disabilities occurring in the first years of the life of a child can be prevented with simple and (cost-) effective measures during pregnancy, during and after delivery and with children under the age of 3. We want to strengthen the existing local healthcare so that vulnerable groups, like children with a disability, mothers and infants get access to adequate care, prevention measures and education during pregnancy, delivery and upbringing.

2.  A better life for children with a disability by better care, education, income and participation in society
A disability in itself is not the problem per se, it is the attitude and arrangement of the surrounding. Karuna aims at a holistic approach to improve the quality of life of children with a disability. The World Health Organisation calls this Community Based Rehabilitation, focusing at healthcare, education, income, social participation and empowerment.

3.  A development model that is sustainable and scalable
Sustainable, whereby communities after 3 or 4 years continue the activities on their own, independently from external help and financing. Replicable, meaning so simple and cost-effective that it can be copied in other villages or counties or by other organisations.

How we do this? Read more on our pages strategy and community models.