Who will do what

The Provincial government will select the municipalities for each phase of implementation. She will mobilise a team of government employees to manage the implementation of the program, allocates budgets according to local rules and makes sure the funds are transferred in time to the local accounts, and informs and mobilises local leaders and health institutions to cooperate well. Together with Karuna Foundation she will take care of reports on finance, progress and performance

Municipalities are responsible for implementation and the elected mayors become accountable for success. In each municipality the steps as described above are followed. Municipalities control the quality of care and direct the CBR Facilitators.

Karuna Foundation Nepal will support the municipalities and the province in the implementation of an effective program by sharing knowledge, experience and supervision. Karuna will establish an office in the provincial capital. Per district 4-5 field staff, employed by Karuna Nepal, will be active to visit the municipalities on a daily basis and provide guidance and support.

Karuna Foundation Nepal will start a Training and Resource Centre, as an independent institute or “social business”. This centre will focus on capacity building and sharing of knowledge on different forms of disability and interventions and support, but also on leadership development and capacity building for local leaders, politicians, employees and healthcare workers. A portal and helpdesk are foreseen for persons with a disability, their families and care takers in Nepal.

Karuna Foundation Netherlands coordinates the work for all funders and takes care of reporting, support to the management in Nepal, fundraising and the implementation of an impact study, funded by UBS Optimus Foundation. This study will help Karuna to keep learning and improving the program. The positive impact shown is expected to motivate other provinces to adopt the program.