A milestone

From the beginning we are working towards sustainable continuation of the prevention activities and the improvements of the lives of children with disabilities (Inspire2Care). This already worked out successfully in two villages in the Sunsari district.

Since 2011, Karuna Foundation Nepal developed Inspire2Care in the pilot villages Dumraha, Baklauri and Madhuban in the Sunsari district, in the southeast of Nepal. Two villages this week took complete responsibility for the continuation of the program, which was celebrated with a ceremony during a village gathering.

Since 2015, the village committees of Dumraha and Baklauri already manage the program with their own funds, but since november 2016 the two villages also continued the program without Karuna, and became fully self-reliant.

The municipality of the village Dumraha has allocated 250.000 Nepalese Rupees to be able to manage the Inspire2Care program. Similarly, the municipality of Baklauri allocated 300.000 Rupees. This money is used for the continuation of the care for children with a disability with the same quality.

At the moment, there are 65 children with disabilities in those two villages, whom now face a better future. Additionally, zero children are born with disabilities since the start of Inspire2Care in 2011. Karuna Foundation would like to congratulate the Village Development Committees with this milestone and to wish them a successful continuation.

In the other pilot village Madhuvan, we unfortunately had to stop the program after 2,5 years due to a lack of responsible leadership and insufficient mobilization of local financial resources of the municipality, which made the chance to sustainable development extremely low.

Despite this unfortunate early quit, Karuna Foundation Nepal is truly happy with the milestones in Dumraha and Baklauri because it gives rise to sustainable development. With this successful exit, Karuna wraps up the Inspire2Care pilot in Sunsari. The upscaling of Inspire2Care in the Ilam district however, is at full blast. Hopefully, even more children will be supported in the future, or because of prevention not develop a disability at all.