Knowledge and Evidence Lab

Karuna Nepal will develop a “Knowledge & Evidence Lab” (K&E Lab), to be able to share all the knowledge, insights, and materials. This K&E Lab will share the approach, values,  e-learning modules, and instructions for technical support to all stakeholders in DPRP in Koshi Province and in other provinces in Nepal.

The expected output of this center will be:

  • a portal (website) with all relevant knowledge on the program (for organizations) and updates on working modalities:
  • a website for all stakeholders in the Palika’s with easy access to all relevant information for them:
  • the RehApp (developed by Enablement) for CBRF’s;
  • 3-5 E-learning modules (integrated in a hybrid training program);
  • information on evidence: impact study and evaluations;
  • KFN staff qualified and ready to provide TA on demand (outside Koshi province)
  • A plan and funding for the continuation of the lab after the first two years;
  • KFN Staff invited as experts during review meetings in Provinces, Palika’s;