Safe delivery amidst the COVID-19 turmoil in Nepal


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“To keep my baby safe from COVID- 19 exposure, I skipped my check-up and decided on Home Delivery, as I feared a hospital visit, but I was wrong.  I am thankful to our CBRF for guiding me about the possibility of safe delivery.” (Ganga Magrati).

Covid-19 response


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Karuna Foundation Nepal has been able to support some basic medical supplies and equipment to the 69 Municipalities (1 Metro, 2 Sub Metros, 26 Municipalities and 40 Rural Municipalities) in Province no. 1 of Nepal, where the organization is operating its Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation program. The support reached these local governments from Illam, Panchthar, Morang, Sunsari, Dhankuta, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha districts. Covid-19 response

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