Safe delivery amidst the COVID-19 turmoil in Nepal


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“To keep my baby safe from COVID- 19 exposure, I skipped my check-up and decided on Home Delivery, as I feared a hospital visit, but I was wrong.  I am thankful to our CBRF for guiding me about the possibility of safe delivery.” (Ganga Magrati).

Covid-19 response


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Karuna Foundation Nepal has been able to support some basic medical supplies and equipment to the 69 Municipalities (1 Metro, 2 Sub Metros, 26 Municipalities and 40 Rural Municipalities) in Province no. 1 of Nepal, where the organization is operating its Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation program. The support reached these local governments from Illam, Panchthar, Morang, Sunsari, Dhankuta, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha districts. Covid-19 response

Restart and commitment government


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After almost 3 months of lock-down, the Karuna Foundation Nepal is restarting its work in the municipalities and all staff are back in office eager to catch up with the work.  In the last week of June also, the provincial government has approved the plans and budget for the coming fiscal year. 

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