news: September  2023

On September 13th  all donors of the Karuna Foundation were invited to the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam to discuss the first results of the impact study by the KIT and celebrate the start of the DPRP 2.0.

Deepak and Yogendra gave an update on the progress and new developments with regard to the last year of technical assistance by Karuna in DPRP phase 1, the start of DPRP 2.0 in 34 municipalities, and the interest by the Federal Government for nationwide scaling of the program.

Also, Charles Nijman, a board member of KarunaNL Foundation explained the new form of partnership between karunaNL, donors, and Karuna Foundation Nepal in DPRP 2.0. After many years of collaboration, we put trust first and will continue with an annual lump sum funding and report.