news: June 6th 2023

Start of DPRP 2.0 in Koshi Province

Over the past few months, intensive discussions have been held with the Karuna Nepal team on the envisaged second phase of the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP). The aim of these talks was to take the step towards roll-out and sustainability so that in the future all Nepalese children with disabilities are assured of care, rehabilitation, education, and social inclusion. Ambitious, but achievable, if properly built on the knowledge and experience gained in the first phase. We, therefore, welcome the DPRP 2.0 developed by Karuna Nepal. This plan focuses on “fine-tuning” the experience gained by rolling out a more limited and effective program in the second half of Koshi Province (formally called Province 1).

This will create a “scalable” program that can be rolled out across the country in the future. We aim to make a start on this too, together with UNICEF Nepal, through application in Provinces 2 and 7 and via collaboration with the Federal Government of Nepal in Provinces 5 and 6.  A Knowledge Centre will pool the experience gained and make it available to others, not only in Nepal but also to NGOs outside Nepal, such as Friendship in Bangladesh and ADED in Congo. This Centre will continue as a “social business” after the completion of DPRP 2.0 by providing advice and training to the government, healthcare providers, and NGOs. DPRP 2.0 is thus not a repeat of the first phase, but a plan with new ambitions that also prepares for the end of long-term support from the Netherlands.

With the great support of existing and new funding partners, the board of KarunaNL could give their conditional commitment to the funding of the DPRP 2.0 plan in June, noticing Karuna Foundation Nepal, supported by karunaNL, need to raise additional funding in the coming year.