Persons with a disability are now seen, accepted and supported in their village and villagers see their potential. Hence Karuna Foundation helps to form disability inclusive societies.

The Organisation

Karuna Foundation in the new phase

With the scaling of the program, the Karuna Foundation is formed by two organisations each with their own roles:

Karuna Foundation Nepal is a local NGO in Nepal. Karuna Nepal is headed by Deepak Raj Sapkota and Yogendra Giri, who manage and lead an enthusiastic and highly motivated team of over sixty professionals in Nepal. The management of Karuna Nepal is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the program. As the government has adopted the program and is responsible for the implementation, Karuna has a new role to cooperate, support and train government staff and local leaders and co-create the DPRP in the coming 5 years. The team is divided over three offices: central, province and districts offices. Karuna Nepal has its own board consisting of seven Board Members and five “General Members” in a more policy formation and advisory role. They all are Nepalese Citizens with high integrity and recognition in the country.

KarunaNL remains a small organisation with one employee in the Netherlands, the current Director dr. ir. Annet van den Hoek. It supports the scaling and replication of the DPRP program via fundraising, coordination of communication to various funding partners and foundations, the representation of Karuna at different international fora and shared reporting. The remuneration policy for the director is described in the salary allowance arrangement.

KarunaNl has its own board. This board consists of René aan de Stegge (entrepreneur and investor) chairman, dr. ir. Charles Nijman (expert in the field of development cooperation) member and prof. dr. Geert Blijham (former managing director of the Academic Hospital of Utrecht in the Netherlands) secretary.
Boardmembers invest their time and energy for free for the good cause