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Vision & Mission

Due to ignorance and poverty, in rural and poor communities children with a disability don’t have access to adequate healthcare and education and no measures are taken to prevent disabilities from occurring. Often, children with disabilities are discriminated against and excluded.


Every child has the right to a dignified life. A community can only flourish when children with disabilities and their families also participate in society. An outsider cannot achieve this; people develop themselves. That is why Karuna inspires local leaders to take responsibility for the care and integration of children with a disability and their families.


Our goal is to prevent birth defects or disabilities in the first three years of the lives of children and to sustainably improve the lives of children with a disability. With sustainable we mean that the activities continue unabatedly, even when Karuna is not there anymore.  Read more about our mission.


Karuna inspires people and communities to take action themselves and strengthens local healthcare systems. We do this by establishing an engaged committee in a village. This committee is trained in a way that prevention and care activities can be continued with their own resources within a few years. Adults with a disability are an example and play a crucial role in creating communities in which everybody participates. Our projects are so practical, efficient and adapted to the local capacity that there are replicable and scalable. Read more about our strategy.


The ambition of Karuna Netherlands is to – together with others – improve the lives of many more children with a disability and to prevent more disabilities from occurring in the coming ten years. We do that by scaling up Inspire2Care to large parts of Nepal and abroad. Our ambition is that the number of children with a disability reached increases to 25.000 within the coming years. Read more about our ambition.