As part of the prevention program children with hearing problems are checked and helped.

Evidence in the pilot district

Studies on the impact of the pilot program in the district of Ilam– by  Kaarak Enterprise Development Service India in 2017 and by Health Economist Kelsey Vaughan in 2018, assigned by UBS-OF, showed the following;

  • 62% reduction in birth defects in Inspire2Care communities.
  • 61% increase of birth deliveries in a clinic.
  • 70% of children with a disability indicated moderate to significant improvement in their quality of live.
  • Access to government services via ID cards increased from 24% to 89%.
  • Visibility, recognition and acceptance and care for people with disability increased.
  • 80% of all villages continue the programme after the exit of Karuna at their own costs.
  • Calculated cost per DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Year) of €262.