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About Karuna

Karuna Foundation was founded in 2007 by the Dutch entrepreneur René aan de Stegge, with the goal to improve the lives of children with a disability in developing countries and to prevent children from having disabilities. Karuna inspires communities to take care of children with disabilities themselves, and to strenghten healthcare for young mothers and children. This way, more children are born in good health and grow up healthy. With this mission, two models were developed: Share&Care and Inspire2Care. These models assume the power of people and ownership of the community. After a successful pioneer phase in our first project country Nepal between 2007 and 2014, Inspire2Care is now being scaled up to one full district in that country, Ilam, with a scope of 120.000 young women and children and 1000 children with disabilities.

Karuna Nepal, established by Karuna in 2007, has been an independent local organisations since 2016.

Video: Best Wishes in practice

Video, prevention

This new videoshows how Best Wishes, the prevention component of Inspire2Care, works in a village. Follow the pregnant Dhana, who lives in a remote village in the Nepalese 'tea-district' Ilam.

Video: Amir is artist and role model


Do not underestimate the potential of people with disabilities. Amir is a role-model in Nepal, especially for youth with a disability. He paints, writes poems and songs and is a great singer. Check out his music video!