On June 16th, 2019 the government of Province 1 in Nepal has decided to adopt the Inspire2Care program, as developed by the Karuna Foundation, in their mainstream healthcare policy, budgets and programs. This program aims at strengthening the current health institutions to:

  • prevent birth defects, stunted growth and handicaps by strengthening the mother and child care.
  • develop “disability inclusive societies”, where people with a disability are taken care of, are rehabilitated and take part in social life.

The government will be responsible for the implementation and co-funding. The Karuna Foundation will support the government by providing training, guidance, support in the implementation to make sure the provincial government and municipalities involved can continue the program at their own accounts in each municipality after 3,5 years.

Video: Best Wishes in practice

Video, prevention

This new videoshows how Best Wishes, the prevention component of Inspire2Care, works in a village. Follow the pregnant Dhana, who lives in a remote village in the Nepalese 'tea-district' Ilam.

Video: Amir is artist and role model


Do not underestimate the potential of people with disabilities. Amir is a role-model in Nepal, especially for youth with a disability. He paints, writes poems and songs and is a great singer. Check out his music video!