The KarunaNL Foundation is supporting the Karuna Foundation Nepal (KFN) with the introduction of the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP) in Nepal in Koshi Province (formerly called Province 1). DPRP Phase 1 is implemented in the first half (58 municipalities) of Province 1 in 2019-2024, while the modified program called DPRP 2.0 will be implemented in the remaining 59 municipalities in the period of July 2023- December 2027.

This DPRP program has the following goals: 1)To prevent physical and mental disabilities in new-borns and schoolchildren; 2) To improve the care and rehabilitation of children and adults with physical or mental disabilities so that they can participate again in the social life of their local community and 3) To strengthen the local (care) system so that local governments can continue the program sustainably.

The municipalities implement the program and Karuna Foundation Nepal provides training, advice, co-financing, and support in implementation with the agreement that they continue this program independently after 3 years

The word Karuna originates from Sanskrit, the classic language of the Indian subcontinent, and means ‘compassion’. The mission of the Karuna Foundation – improving the lives of children with disabilities – starts and ends with compassion to make people look after their fellow humans and take action.