KarunaNL Foundation supports Karuna Foundation Nepal (KFN) in the implementation of the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP) through fundraising, advice, and support. Karuna Foundation Nepal collaborates with Province 1* and 58 municipalities therein with the following mission: to

  • prevent as many as possible physical and mental disabilities in newborns and young children by providing proper prenatal and perinatal counseling to pregnant women
  • improve the care and rehabilitation of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities so that they can once again participate in the social life of their local community.
  • change and strengthen local (care) systems

Initially, the project was planned to run for 4 years: 2019-2023. Multiple lockdowns due to the COVID pandemic in Nepal have delayed implementation. We have therefore decided to support the first 58 municipalities for an additional year, while we plan to start program implementation in the rest of the province (59 municipalities) in the period 2023-2027. We expect that from 2024 onwards the first 58 municipalities will be able to continue the program themselves with their own knowledge and resources.

Province 1 is still in the process of finalizing its name.

The word Karuna originates from Sanskrit, the classic language of the Indian subcontinent, and means ‘compassion’. The mission of Karuna Foundation – improving the lives of children with disabilities – starts and ends with compassion to make people look after their fellow humans and take action.