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About Karuna

Karuna Foundation was founded in 2007 by the Dutch entrepreneur René aan de Stegge, with the goal to improve the lives of children with a disability in developing countries and to prevent children from having disabilities. Karuna inspires communities to take care of children with disabilities themselves, and to strenghten healthcare for young mothers and children. This way, more children are born in good health and grow up healthy. With this mission, two models were developed: Share&Care and Inspire2Care. These models assume the power of people and ownership of the community. After a successful pioneer phase in our first project country Nepal between 2007 and 2014, Inspire2Care is now being scaled up to one full district in that country, Ilam, with a scope of 120.000 young women and children and 1000 children with disabilities.

Karuna Nepal, established by Karuna in 2007, has been an independent local organisations since 2016.

Inspire2Care top 10 scalable models

Conference, top 10

Zero Project Impact Transfer has selected Inspire2Care as one of the most scalable projects that work on a world without barriers for people with a disability. Karuna will present her upscaling strategy at the conference in Vienna.

Impact study in 6 pilot villages

Impact, pilot

The six pilot villages in Sunsari work independent from Karuna since 2016. An external research team from Kathmandu executed an extensive impact study these villages.


Leadership, self-reliance

With good leadership, people take responsibility themselves and mobilise local available funds with and for children with a disability, so that they can fully participate and avoidable disabilities can be prevented.

2016 in a nutshell

Annual report, 2016

Karuna has its 10th anniversary and in those years we have learned a lot. In the booklet 2016 in a nutshell you find personal stories and you can read about our approach and ambition.