The Funding Partners

DPRP phase 1:
At the start of DPRP phase 1, three Dutch foundations (Ineke Feitz Stichting, Stichting Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden and Stichting Perspectief) and the UBS Optimus Foundation have committed themselves to fund the implementation of the program in the first half of Province 1 (58 municipalities). The government of Province 1 together with the 58 municipalities agreed to fund €5.2 million. In December 2019 the Hofstee Foundation joined us as funding partner with committed funding for 3 years.  Also, the Swiss foundation Provictimis has funded the program for three years in the period 2020-2022. In this period also other funding partners joined us, like the Quatfass foundation and a private person, while other partners, like Stichting Kinderfonds van Dusseldorp and Stichting t Bosje, continued their valuable support.

DPRP 2.0:
The funding of DPRP2.0 was made possible via continued support by our founding funders plus the generous multiyear support of the following new foundations in the Netherlands: Warm Nest Foundation, Fundatie Charitas, Stichting KiMi, Stichting Summerfund en Wilde Ganzen.