news: July 2022

After the local elections in May around 70% of the mayors in the 58 municipalities have been replaced by newly elected mayors. The big question for us was how this would impact the political support and implementation of the DPRP.

Now, a few months later, we are happy to see all new political leaders in the municipalities support and continue the program. The program has become part of the government (health) care system and is less vulnerable for political changes.  The staff of Karuna Foundation Nepal visited all new mayors, explained the ins and outs of the program and prepared the budget and plans for the coming fiscal year.  By July 15th all municipalities and the Provincial government endorsed the plan and budgets and made funds available. We see this as a big achievement.

In November, the elections of the Provincial and Federal Government are announced.  Only, when a new provincial government is installed, Karuna Foundation plans to start the preparation of the implementation of an adjusted program (DPRP 2.0) in the second half of the Province.