The figures on COVID-19 are still spiking and put high pressure on society in Nepal with repeated lock-down, an overburdened care system and major sources of revenues from tourism and the workforce abroad being reduced to a minimum.

The pandemic also had its impact on the implementation of the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP), supported by the Karuna Foundation. Training programs were halted, and many health workers could not start their work in the villages yet.

Despite this setback, the enthusiasm and commitment for the program remain high. In July, the Provincial Government and 58 municipalities committed their funding of €1 million for the coming fiscal year. Also, Karuna Nepal showed its agility and kept being active. They developed small scale training programs in the districts and organised meetings in new municipalities to make it all happen

On October 12th, an (on-line) review meeting was held  to discuss progress, lessons learnt and future actions with over 100 stakeholders (all 27 mayors involved, Disabled People Organisations, health officials, provincial staff and Karuna staff). This speech by the Minister of Social Development demonstrates his support and ambition to make Province 1 the first disability inclusive society of Nepal.


Hon Jeevan Ghimire-Minister-speech-on-Disability-Rehabilitation-Prevention-program-review.mp4