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Our Community Models


People stay healthy if they are capable of organising themselves, if they are aware of health risks and if they are able to specify their priorities. The most important component of Share&Care is the setting up of a community based health insurance system. Villagers can become members of this cooperative insurance with a financial contribution per household, which is used to improve the basic healthcare in the village.

The Share&Care program comprises all components of Inspire2Care, but adds health insurance, providing affordable, adequate and preventive healthcare.

  • A development plan for every child
  • Strengthening local leadership
  • A positive attitude towards people with disabilities
  • Raising awareness
  •  Strengthening mother and child care
  • Lobby for equal rights
  • Mobilising local funds
  • + Community based health insurance

To realise this, a Health Management Committee is established; a local cooperative run by the community. The Share&Care programme focusses on strong local leadership, adequate management and a good structure, which is part of the existing healthcare system of the government.