These three men just received their Identity Card, which gives them access to government allowances and services

COVID-19 and its impact on the replication

Due to COVID-19 the government of Nepal decided on a lock-down in March 2020, which lasted until early July.  During lockdown the team continued discussions, preparations and support to all municipalities to forward their plans and budgets for the fiscal year (July 2020-2021).  All were approved and budgets allocated according to plan.  In July restricted travelling was made possible and enabled the team of Karuna Nepal to sign agreements in 22 municipalities. However, rising number of infections forced the government to lock-down two districts. Unfortunately, Karuna Foundation Nepal had to close its offices again. However, in November 2020 the team started organising training programs and could start the work in all municipalities.  The team aims at catching up with the work in the first half year of 2021.