COVID-19 Relief aid in Nepal

The COVID-19 Pandemic from India has crossed the border of Nepal and causes a huge crisis in health care. In the past days >9000 persons/day were infected in Nepal, 5215 deaths are registered and 465.000 Coronavirus cases are presented in official figures.  Hospitals are overburdened and not able to help all the patients in need of oxygen. Sick people together with caretakers reside on the parking areas of hospitals to be close to possible care.

Our director in Nepal, Deepak Raj Sapkota, and his team has started to organize relief aid and organized the purchase and distribution of in total 220 oxygen concentrators. Through his network he organised the transport from China and with help of the military, he will make sure theses O2 concentrators will be transported to the different parts of the country in the coming days.

Liesbeth Nagelkerke took initiative for the fundraising for Relief Aid, which resulted so far in a total sum of €141.000 transferred to Nepal. It has been organised in close cooperation with  Stichting Nepal, Nepal Federatie and many foundations and individuals who contributed warmheartedly.

The need for aid is still high and your support and donations are very welcome on NL55 RABO 0340160896  Stichting KarunaNl.